Optimization of a website

Development of a website about key events in the event industry

Development of the largest recruitment portal for event industry


PostgreSQL database migration

Johnson & Johnson

Automation of business processes in regional offices

Development of a system to analyse the influence of coupons on sales in the context of total traffic


Development of a custom search engine for licensed taxis

Product Сompany (NDA)

Outsourcing services for several product development teams

Ad Tech startup from Singapore (NDA)

Ad Exchange for the US market

PJSC "Cryogenmash"

Creation of an IoT-service to remotely monitor equipment and its energy consumption

Mobile payment terminal (NDA)

Development of a customizable financial services cloud platform

Financial services forecasting (NDA)

Aggregation and Graphical Display Methodology

Acumatica Developers Network

Upgrade and centralise the web domains of a Portal for developers

Acumatica Summit

Development of an information support website for the Acumatica Summit

Package Guard

Creation of a searchable database of crime in the USA

Fiscal data operator (NDA)

Fiscal data classification

Ad Tech European company (NDA)

DMP module enrichment

One major Russian publisher (NDA)

Programmatic Direct solution

IT company (NDA)

Search engine to identify IT companies having problems with filling their vacancies

Courier Service (NDA)

Development of a guaranteed delivery system for courier service

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