Project: Creation of an IoT-service to remotely monitor equipment and its energy consumption

Problem: The company’s analysis package needed modernisation.

Problem areas included a lack of real time notifications for system critical deviations and inability to perform periodic performance tests.

Solution: A robust custom Business Intelligence(BI) system was developed and implemented to include monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Reliability and uptime were the top priorities for our client so we implemented a well established Microsoft suite solution: Microsoft Power BI base with Data Warehouse system on Microsoft Azure.

Data from sensors is transmitted in JSON format to the servers located in Microsoft datacenters and processed by Microsoft Azure. An end-to-end chain of compatible reliability.


  • Real-time monitoring of sensor data and power consumption was achieved
  • Statistical data on events is now collected for the analysis of equipment performance
  • Features for real-time error detecting and reporting were implemented as per project scope

Technological stack: Power BI, Azure.


PJSC "Cryogenmash" is grateful to Maxilect for developing the IoT solution, which aims to provide remote monitoring of operating modes and performance, as well as calculation of the specific power consumption of the air separation unit assemblies using the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.
The cooperation was productive, the goals were achieved, and we can recommend Maxilect to you basing on the experience of our interaction.

PJSC "Cryogenmash", machine-building factory, Russia

Daniil Parfenenkov, CTO

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