Our company has the expertise in creating IT solutions for the Ad Tech stack:

  • Sell-side platform / Supply-side platform (SSP advertising)
  • Demand-Side Platform (DSP advertising)
  • Data Management Platform (DMP)
  • Ad Exchange
  • Ad Server

We have the experience needed to make your ad campaign competitive in both the RTB (Real Time Bidding) model and the Programmatic Direct model, which starts to get popular in several countries of the world.

Our solutions may be interesting for:

  • Owners of websites and publishers looking to improve its digital marketing performance
  • Digital advertising agencies targeting the market segments – we can assist with premium traffic
  • Major developers of Ad Tech solutions (partnership and subcontracting available)
  • For anyone who is looking for rich traffic data for more accurate decision-making on purchase-sale-price – we can create or extend any existing DMP


Realtime lead exchange

With lead exchange the client planned to increase revenues.

Automation of the external API functionality testing for a client in the Ad Tech field

The project is a service with an open API for customer service that needed to be tested and covered by autotests.

Digital marketing - US company

Building Campaign manager and DMP for globally active MarTech firm.

Digital marketing - US company

System redesign, feature enrichment and UI/UX improvements for Client (NDA)

One major Russian publisher (NDA)

Programmatic Direct solution

Ad Tech European company (NDA)

DMP module enrichment

Ad Tech startup from Singapore (NDA)

Ad Exchange for the US market

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