Our specialists are experts in developing Data Science & Machine Learning solutions. Our deep experience across numerous industries has led to highly optimised approaches which can improve your business indicators.

Our clients are from different fields as social data analysis, sales and marketing, digital advertising, industrial automation, as well as in traffic analysis of websites and social media analytics.

Our machine learning expertise is:

  • Statistical and structural analysis of your data;
  • Correlation and regression mining;
  • Classification and clustering;
  • Customer analytics. Forecasting tools creation;
  • Automation of analytical processes;
  • Big data analytics and visualization;
  • Natural language processing (NLP) and image recognition.

Cooperation with us will enable you to:

  • Apply the most modern machine learning tools for classification, clustering, forecasting to your data;
  • Obtain well-founded conclusions during big data analysis;
  • Forecast key business parameters or significant events with time-series analysis;
  • Build common forecasting models, plan business development for any time scale (long-term, medium-term, short-term);
  • Find high return groups of clients or potential customers for further targeting via predictive analytics;
  • Predict the outlook for the outflow of clients and find out which customers are at the risk via customer churn analysis;
  • Have the opportunity to visualize key business parameters and understand workflow processes within your business with greater depth;
  • Regularly receive pre-calculated reports.



Development of a mathematical model to forecast costs and revenues of internet provider

IT company (NDA)

Search engine to identify IT companies having problems with filling their vacancies

Package Guard

Creation of a searchable database of crime in the USA


Development of a system to analyse the influence of coupons on sales in the context of total traffic

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