Out of the box, ready for implementation and built to your specifications: don’t settle for generic solutions.

Maxilect customized IT solutions based strictly on your criteria, deadlines and budgeting. We always work in accordance with your company’s needs undertaking comprehensive management of the project from initial analysis through to full-fledged launch and sustained developmental support.

You can count on:

  • Upfront identification of customer needs and potential hurdles
  • Thorough analysis and formulation of optimal solutions
  • Development and implementation of your turnkey solution
  • End to end support and training of your own in-house specialists

A partnership with Maxilect will enable you to:

  • Produce innovative IT solutions at a fraction of the cost of salaried staff
  • Customise and improve the quality of existing solutions
  • Reduce lead-time for the release of stable software versions
  • Test the efficiency of new business case hypothesis



Development of a custom search engine for licensed taxis


Development of the largest recruitment portal for event industry


Development of a website about key events in the event industry

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