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Traffic arbitrage for a startup from Singapore

A few months ago, one client turned to Maxilect with a slightly unusual request. He needed a scalable AdTech product with SSPs and DSPs integrations.

Maxilect Named One of the Top Development Companies on Clutch!

Since 2015, we have reached out across Russia as we focus on Adtech, Fintech, and Blockchain. With over 30 international projects, we have the skills and experience in our portfolio to take on nearly any conceivable project. Clutch rated Maxilect as a top software developer in Russia!

Maxilect’s Turnkey Solutions Make It Top Blockchain Development Company at GoodFirms

In the recent years, software companies with advancement in Blockchain tech have emerged to nurture private data securely. Maxilect is one such firm and though just a couple of years old, it has positioned itself as a quaint developer for Blockchain solutions in the market.


Fault-tolerant systems synthesis aspect: Faults tree generation algorithm

Our second long read, this time about automating one of the parts of the synthesis process of fault-tolerant management systems.

Vectorization of similar goods names

One of the methods of vectorization of similar goods names. Сase of heavy loaded identification

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