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Cooperation with startups and profit-sharing model

Let's talk about what is essential for us in cooperation with startups.

Three rules of startup viability

During our work, we’ve got some ideas on what startup properties can ensure startup success.

Ad Exchange with the smart routing

Maxilect has created Ad Exchange with a smart query routing, which is able to provide a good buyout rate.

US MarTech in GDPR compliant landscape: Link shortener

A US based interactive marketing company focused on the music industry wanted GDPR-friendly update

The Easy Way to Increase the Efficiency of Your Advertisings Spends

We’ve found one very effective way to maximize ROI by digging deep into what we call channel interactions.

Singapore Startup : RTB Traffic Arbitrage and massive integration.

Fault-tolerant systems synthesis aspect: Faults tree generation algorithm

Our second long read, this time about automating one of the parts of the synthesis process of fault-tolerant management systems.

Vectorization of similar goods names

One of the methods of vectorization of similar goods names. Сase of heavy loaded identification