White label: why it stifles your company's true value

At WWDC 2017, Apple banned the white label apps from the appstore.

Or, rather, more accurately, they banned apps built using generic commercialised templates.

This change was then relaxed in 2018 so long as the app was uploaded from a unique vendor ID.
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The initial effect was for every SME to hold its breath and pray for a miracle. White label plays a vital role in startup culture. Without it many small companies wouldn’t be able to finance their ventures.

However, in delaying building their own platforms, or in many cases, bolting together various white label solutions, SME are missing out on seriously valuable asset development.

Not only are you at risk of situations like the above – if your white label provider goes down or worse out of business, you lose your vital workflow infrastructure.

But, if you’re not curating your own data, someone else is. And they’re utilising it for product development even if they aren’t selling it on (thank you GDPR!).

Wouldn’t it be better to benefit from being able to refine your algorithms so you stay ahead of your competitor?

Wouldn’t you like to improve your traffic reach with more SSP integrations?

Or maybe, you’re just fed up with swapping in and out of different platforms causing your consistency errors and stress!

Well, over here, we can help with that.

Our digital consultancy firm specialises in building custom Adtech, Fintech and blockchain solutions.

  • Unify your fragmented whitelabel solutions in a faster, more efficient growth ready platform
  • Augment your specialist knowledge base – proprietary algorithms, lower ping rates, better speed from the code base
  • Partner for QA testing – automated & manual, reduced turnaround time, improved robustness of source code.

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Author: Tom Denman, BDP

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