The Startup: a hero’s journey in need of a fellowship

You don’t start a company assuming you’re going to fail.  

It’s the beginning of a journey against the odds.  

A determination to build something more than you started with, create value in the world and maybe, just maybe make escalate yourself, your family and your team to a place where you can forget the struggle of paycheck to paycheck living.

50% fail in the first 4 years, scarily, only 4% reach year 2. (US startups)

So if you made it that far, you’re already in an elite club.

Only 3% of you reading this are going to make it to year 3… let that sink in for a moment.

That dragon is waiting just over the hill.

70 to 80% of you are funding this with your own money as well. That takes serious guts to risk it all for your idea.

Have you seen any profit for your efforts yet? The dragon’s probably also sitting on them.

What takes even more guts is addressing the issue that leads to failure more often than any other single factor – even 75% those who reach venture funded growth fail due to this one factor.


Now, before you rage quit this Lord of the Rings style simulation, realise I’m not deliberately attacking your character.

Slaying a dragon is no easy task! And even the most courageous of knights get burnt from time to time.

Objectively speaking: the world is bigger than you are alone. It’s bigger than your team of intrepid bootstrapped adventurers too.

Finding a fellowship – the people you can trust to help you level up – is essential to your success.

For anyone in tech, that includes reliable outsourcing partnerships needed for the battles associated with accelerated phases of growth.

What? Don’t like the idea of “outsourcing” for mercenaries through an agency when you need an army of programmers in a hurry?

The alternative is swallowing your dwarven pride and asking for help from… the elves – highly professional, reliable, battle ready – and all you have to do, is ask.

We’re like the elves.

Talk with our consultancy firm today or check out startup deals to find your digital implementation partner for making your bootstrap an epic success.

Author: Tom Denman, BDP

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