Ad Networks: the most valuable asset is your platform. Why are you on white label?

Can you do me a favour? Open your laptop and go to your source code, integrate this new SSP to improve our traffic network.

Oh wait, you’re on white label? So you can’t make use of this entire segment of traffic that’s highly relevant to your DSP?

This is the strongest reason to build your own platform. Without access to source code, you are missing out on a lot of valuable traffic.

I get it, the white label was sufficiently useful for your prior phase of business. But, if you’ve now reached a point where either:

You have refined your supply/demand dynamic to know what works best for your SSP/DSP audience data.

Your profits are stagnating because you’re literally on the same white label platform as the next best Ad network.

Then, you seriously need to consider building a proprietary solution and reaping the rewards of your true IP value.

What might this paradise look like you ask?

Imagine a place where you can implement any social, industry or custom media channel integration you, or your clients want – hello client satisfaction ratings.

Imagine a place where multiple SSP and DSP can be added to improve your breadth of reach and refine your targeting data – hello better ROI.

Imagine a place where instead of 5 or 10 different solutions hanging together with sellotape and glue, you have a smooth, efficient and mostly automated platform – hello more time!

A lot of what people try to sell an idea without substance. What we do is bring you a partnership where you experience peace of mind.

Your IP is yours, on localised servers ( dedicated, for additional reduction in latency), your platform matches your workflow, you can grow and scale as you want to rather than living within the confines of the platform.

We can even bring you mobile and device centric platforms -you wanted to work from the beach this winter, right?

So, if you want to explore what having your own Ferrari… I mean, proprietary platform would be like in more detail, feel free to connect with us.

Our doors are always open: Let’s set up a Skype call

Author: Tom Denman, BDP

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