Big company problems, small team solutions

The larger your organisation is, the more efficiently it has to run, the more standardisation you have to implement. And then… the market shifts.

Your business is too big and regimented, it can’t spare the staff members to quickly close on the competition. And, all the decades of hard work are demolished in a few short years.

Happened to Nokia. Happened to Blackberry. Happened to Microsoft… almost.

Having an otherworldly bank balance to absorb the losses isn’t a reality for every company, we are living in a different reality, so what can we do to mitigate running into the same problem?

A fairly obvious solution is to split the workload into maintenance and growth teams.

The downside to this is split resources and split budgets that optimize neither one nor the other aspect of business. Some will win with this approach, others will regret the budget spend.

An alternative approach exists. Use your network.

When your growth team is already on a tight budget, having a trusted network to call on is essential for building in an agile environment.

This has another name. Outsourcing. A dirty word to some.

You no doubt already outsource for experienced counsel (board members), legal expertise and perhaps international accounting services so why not for your dev teams.

Whatsapp, Skype and Github have all done this to great effect – you probably use these platforms everyday. Wouldn’t it be great to have that sort of reach with your platform?

Especially if you’re simply working with your trusted network of collaborators and clients.

The potential nightmares of outsourcing are well documented, but among the horror stories are massively successful platforms like Transferwise – indeed Transferwise dislikes the term outsourcing so much that they have a “dispersed development” team instead.

And it’s precisely this approach, a distributed but reliable and highly qualified team that makes it easier to get the job done.

Knowing exactly who to pick up the phone and call when you want to test out what could be a game changing idea is an asset.

Knowing they can reliably get your idea to market fast with a robust codebase is what ensures you get market share.

Knowing your IP is safe, secured in a domain you control and always yours – is a peace of mind money can’t buy.

We’re just a Skype call away if you’re like us and value quality resources at your fingertips.

Our digital consultancy firm specialises in building custom Ad Tech, FinTech and Blockchain solutions.

  • Augment your specialist knowledge base
  • Partner for QA testing – automated & manual, reduce your turnaround time, improve robustness of source code.
  • Find a partner in us to build and test your next side project that could just be your next big idea.

Author: Tom Denman, BDP

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