US MarTech in GDPR compliant landscape: Campaign Manager & DMP

Who is the client?

A US based interactive marketing company focused on the music industry.

  • Offers web platform that helps artists and other companies target online advertisements
  • Works in different countries across the world
  • Client has a lot of partnerships and integrations
  • Offers feature-rich link shortener

Business problems

  • Increase profit
  • Get new clients
  • Integrate with key partners (partners wants to remain nameless at the moment)
  • Upgrade targeting capabilities

To solve these problems, existing campaign manager needed improvement.

Whitelabel campaign manager replacement ( no access to source code for external integrations) , API for external integrations with RTB exchange.  Data Management Platform(DMP) module to be built from scratch.



  • “Fixed price” model was used. We fixed and agreed on the set  requirements, timeline and cost.
  • DMP demos were held on a bi-weekly basis. This allowed us to get feedback instantly and to adjust the deliverables
  • Weekly project status report kept our client aware of the completed tasks and plans for the next week.
  • Quick, regular sync up calls with business analyst made the client feel more confident and clarified requirements to our engineering team without any interruption in development.

Programming stack

  • Angular 5, TypeScript, HTML5, Sass, Node.js, npm, Angular CLI
  • OpenJDK 1.8, Kotlin, Spring boot/data/web
  • PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB
  • Nginx, Tomcat
  • Jenkins, Docker
  • AWS (ES2, S3, SES, Route 53)

How did we approach the problems?

  • Determined business process and elicited requirements
    • Analyzed existing DMP and Campaign manager.  Documents and UI
    • Conducted interviews (including focus groups and surveys/questionnaires)
    • Estimated efforts and costs
  • Adapted existing business processes rather than creating from scratch
  • Prototyped DMP solution (mockups, wireframes)
  • Created documentation in wiki system (Confluence)


  • Solid and scalable DMP back-end was implemented
  • Campaign manager UI became consistent and reliable
  • Implicit flows became explicit
  • Fault-tolerant system for Campaign manager was implemented
  • API for RTB integrations
  • Satisfied users and stakeholders

Next step?

Maxilect does more! Our team stands behind all products they designed. We would love to build the product you wish for. Just give us a call, it’s free. Or write us via


Author: Maxim Korotkov, Maxilect CEO

Editor: Tom Denman, Business Development Partner


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