Maxilect Named One of the Top Development Companies on Clutch!

It’s hard to read any tech content, or even turn on the news, without hearing anything about blockchain. Indeed, blockchain technology has become ubiquitous in the rhetoric. And it’s not just because of the catchy name or the lure of a new technology. No, blockchain is an industry-changing and even world-changing method that requires immense dedication to learn and precise knowledge to master. At Maxilect, understand and have harnessed the power of blockchain. Our highly-trained developers know the -ins and -outs of blockchain from inception to scaling.

The B2B ratings and review site, Clutch, has noticed, our progress and success. Based in Washington, D.C., Clutch compiles client testimony, case studies, and wide-spanning quantitative data on various companies in a variety of sectors. The firm makes business transactions more efficient and transparent through its published business insights.

In recent times, Clutch rated as a top software developer in Russia! We appreciate the award and achievement, but really the distinction ought to go to our clients. It takes two to tango and our clients have always been excellent work partners. We were additionally excited to see that Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest, acknowledged Maxilect as a top application developer.

Our clients responded to the Clutch analysts in a candid and celebratory manner. We have loved working with our clients, and consequently, they love the products we produce. Sergey Ivanov, senior digital marketing and web lead at Acumatica, praised the speed and thriftiness of Maxilect. “They found highly experienced full-stack developers who know how to work on backend code using PHP, how to optimize database servers and set up an infrastructure. At the same time, they are highly skilled in frontend development and know how to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript frameworks. This was one of the biggest benefits I received from Maxilect. In the U.S., it would have been expensive to find the same level of skills.” The Managing Director of a Baltic Event Organizer Club commented on the fantastic work ethic and culture present at Maxilect. “Their understanding was impressive. After the website was launched, I asked them to make changes several times, such as the design on the first page. They always did what I asked, and that was also impressive to me.”

Since 2015, we have reached out across Russia as we focus on Adtech, Fintech, and Blockchain. With over 30 international projects, we have the skills and experience in our portfolio to take on nearly any conceivable project. We take pride in creating smart, reliable, and efficient solutions to all of our clients’ needs. Our modern approach, lean, and highly professional team combine to establish an undeniably effective force. Now, with additional Clutch reviews, we will further be able to connect with our audience.

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