Project: Development of a custom search engine for licensed taxis

Problem: In spring 2017 the customer approached us to build a solution for a 21st century challenge. On one hand, unite existing taxi company fleets and, on the other, open the door to drivers ready to supply their own vehicle.

Solution: After consulting with the customer to determine the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), we set up a dynamic web portal integrating search and database functionalities and integrated essential external services (SMS, GA, etc.).


  • Successful launch in June 2017
  • Eventually, the founder has decided to use this IT solution to launch one more startup called targeted to “blue shirts” job search market

Technological stack: Python, Django, PostgreSQL.



We needed to create a service for finding and renting a car with a taxi license in a very limited time and budget. Maxilect team helped us with the formulation and implementation of the business challenge, and responded promptly to all our requests throughout the project., Russia

Vitaly Krylov, CEO

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