The importance of automated quality control in facilitating the agile development and iterative release of new stable versions of software is growing. But, the potentially high costs and disruption to existing process flows can be offputting.

Maxilect offers adaptive solutions targeting cost-effective returns in efficiency for our partners. Our considerate and thorough analysis of your existing workflow ensures automation is applied only where it removes tedious and repetitive tasks that slow product release schedules.

You can count on:

  • Realistic analysis of practical challenges for automating quality control tasks
  • Adaptation of existing processes and tools to test automation practices. This reduces training time for your staff
  • The option to recruit specialists with necessary skills and experience in test automation
  • Increased speed of release for new stable versions of software products
  • Adaptive costing – longer term projects may come with reduced system development costs. Just ask us


The global provider of IT solutions (NDA)

 Functional Test Automation of the financial calculations (billing)

 The product company (NDA)

Test Automation for the product company

The product company (NDA)

Participation in the development and testing of a solution designed to work with products that the mobile operator provides to subscribers

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