ProjectParticipation in the development and testing of a solution designed to work with products that the mobile operator provides to subscribers.

IssueThe client asked us to develop and support a test framework for REST API testing, determine the ways of automation development, identify issues and solutions.

 Solution We completed the development of the test framework using Robot Framework. The team made more than 1000 tests. They brought test cases to a common template (Preconditions-Test-Postconditions). Installed existing Robot Framework solutions (libraries for specific tasks), and developed new ones in Python and adapted them for Jython.

Our team has carried out system monitoring, the analysis of functionality significance and existing autotests (after running tests with TeamCity). Also we have checked update frequency and monitoring the quality of tests code.

Results: The test coverage has increased from 5-10% to 60-70% by now.

Technologies: Robot Framework, Python, Oracle SQL, RabbitMQ, TeamCity.

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