Realtime lead exchange

Project:  Realtime lead exchange

Problem: The client has been collaborated with many leads suppliers and buyers using direct agreement for a long time. The main disadvantage of such agreements is the lack of possibility to show the lead to several buyers and get the best price.  Main direct agreement problems:

  • the client doesn’t get the maximum revenue;
  • not all leads are sold which causes profit losses;
  • sometimes bought leads are not relevant and again it’s profit losses.

Solution: Together with the client, we decided to create a realtime lead exchange with advanced targeting to solve all the problems listed above. 

Following functionality was implemented:

  • collecting lead data from partners. It was implemented by integrations with several lead buying partners;
  • collecting lead data from suppliers. It was made by integrations with transferring lead profiles partners;
  • auction is held based on received data in strict time limits (auction timeout is 300 ms).

As a result, developed architecture and solution allowed us to eliminate all of the client’s listed problems and increase the revenue.

Results:  This project implementation helped the client to achieve significant results:

  • traffic sellers increased their profit from the auction;
  • buyers have advanced targeting opportunity to buy only relevant traffic;
  • direct agreements with buyers are not needed.

Technology stack: OpenJDK 1.8, Kotlin, Spring boot/data/web, PostgreSQL, Redis, Nginx, Tomcat, Jenkins, Docker

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