Project: Automation of the external API functionality testing for a client in the Ad Tech field.

Problem: The project is a service with an open API for customer service that needed to be tested and covered by autotests.


  • We’ve provided a test plan with a full set of test cases and a detailed description of all testing presets and basic concepts.
  • Implemented automated tests in Java, Rest-Assured, JUnit, Allure.
  • Set up a continuous Jenkins based integration system.


  • We’ve covered the functionality of the customers’ system with autotests, as a result – we’ve improved the quality of the clients’ product.
  • Our tests are scalable and environment independent; they can create and delete data themselves.
  • Tests are run daily and validate the correctness of the external API services functioning.

Technologies: Java, Rest-Assured, JUnit, Allure.

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