There are many companies in the supply chain. Actual delivery status may depend on several participants.

At the moment the logistics company collects signed documents from other participants. Current process contains the following problems:

  1. Paper documents are unreliable.
  2. Status actualization. Delivery documents can be stored at the different companies. You need to trust your logistics company or collect document by yourself from all participants in order to get actual delivery status.
  3. Disparate information channels. All process participants are using different communication and document exchange services. It’s hard to exchange documents between them.
  4. Connection of the third-party companies that guarantees payment and delivery is a very complex process. Due to this complexity, the integration process requires each stage approval.


In order to simplify search and communication process, we use logistic services “Market place”, which allows forming the goods supply chain. But it doesn’t provide transparency and sufficient trust level of delivery documents exchanging.

We used Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain technology in order to implement a trusted and transparent channel of interaction between participants and the data warehouse.

  1. This solution allows:
    To create a trusted node’s network located in logistics companies, which solved the problem of confidence in the network on Market Place participant’s side.
  2. Create a data warehouse that guarantees data immutability, which solved the logistics document storage problem and trusted way to get actual delivery status.
  3. Create a unified API to communicate with the network, which simplifies integration between participants and the system. It helps to participate in a large number of transactions.
  4. Organize deals states logic and state change logic by using smart contracts. That automates logistics business processes including the ability to get actual order status, made conversation between the participants more transparent and helps to resolve conflicts.
  5. Integrate with third-party companies that conduct an audit and guarantee services through the trusted network and the ability to host a whole network node in an integrated company.


The solution was implemented and deployed on a test network. All necessary checks, tests, and demonstrations have been carried out. Solution delivery has been submitted to the customer.

Kotlin, Go, Hyperledger Fabric, Couchdb, Docker

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