Multilingual content management system for the informational support portal for an online Forex broker.


The client has a global brokerage network with a huge number of partners. Each partner has a broker information portal in the national language, located in his country. Every single portal needs a regular update. All problems with portals were solved manually. Portals don’t have a simultaneous update. We suggested building a centralized content management system which will increase the efficiency of the brokerage network content managers. 


A special content management system was developed to optimize portal updates, publish and edit multilingual content. 

This solution allows:

  1. Merge all portals into one repository.
  2. Manage portals through a single back-office.
  3. Significantly reduce the time on the portal updates.
  4. Provide simultaneous updating of all client portals.

Moreover, we created a system to manage events held by the client. It allows the client to announce events and provide detailed multimedia information on past events.


Content managers have a convenient tool to work with media content.

Technology stack

PHP (Yii2), Go, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch.

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