Our company has the expertise in creating IT solutions for the Ad Tech stack (SSP, DSP, DMP, Ad Exchange, Ad Server, Advertising Agencies, Publishers).

We have the experience needed to make your ad campaign competitive in both the RTB (Real Time Bidding) model and the Programmatic Direct model, which is gaining traction in several countries of the world.

Our solutions may be interesting for:

  • Owners of websites and publishers looking to improve sales profit margins
  • Advertising agencies targeting market segments – we can assist with premium traffic that you need
  • Major developers of Ad Tech solutions (partnership and subcontracting available)
  • Market participants looking for fact rich traffic data for more accurate decision-making about purchase-sale-price – we can create or extend any existing DMP


One major Russian publisher (NDA)

Ad Tech European company (NDA)

Ad Tech startup from Singapore (NDA)

Maxilect has proven expertise in creating IT solutions for the Financial tech industry based on blockchain technology (banks, exchanges, traders, payment systems, fiscal data operators). Most often, these are complex high-performance systems with high safety and fault tolerance requirements, often incorporating Big Data & Machine Learning elements.


Courier Service (NDA)

Financial services forecasting (NDA)

Fiscal data operator (NDA)

Mobile payment terminal (NDA)

The importance of automated quality control in facilitating the agile development and iterative release of new stable versions of software is growing. But, the potentially high costs and disruption to existing process flows can be offputting.

Maxilect offers adaptive solutions targeting cost-effective returns in efficiency for our partners. Our considerate and thorough analysis of your existing workflow ensures automation is applied only where it removes tedious and repetitive tasks that slow product release schedules.

You can count on:

  • Realistic analysis of practical challenges for automating quality control tasks
  • Adaptation of existing processes and tools to test automation practices. This reduces training time for your staff
  • The option to recruit specialists with necessary skills and experience in test automation
  • Increased speed of release for new stable versions of software products
  • Adaptive costing – longer term projects may come with reduced system development costs. Just ask us


Product Сompany (NDA)

A Dedicated Team from Maxilect embeds in your existing workplace as a temporary unit for the duration of a project or as an integral sub-contractor for long term development and support.

You can count on:

  • Non-disruptive integration of amicable and capable Maxilect employees
  • A solution for your needs: stand alone or subcontracting available
  • Development and support of existing in-house systems
  • Experts in quality control applying automation testing to optimise solution quality

A Dedicated Team from Maxilect will enable you to:

  • Reduce time-to-market without compromising quality
  • Enhance quality control by improving your product testing process
  • Minimise risks associated with missed deadlines, unfulfilled client obligations and noncompliance issues
  • Supplement any missing skills from your team to build profitable projects
  • Tackle complex and highly competitive contracts without costs of maintaining a large staff


Product Сompany (NDA)

Johnson & Johnson


Acumatica Summit

Acumatica Developers Network


Out of the box, ready for implementation and built to your specifications: don’t settle for generic solutions.

Maxilect customized IT solutions based strictly on your criteria, deadlines and budgeting. We always work in accordance with your company’s needs undertaking comprehensive management of the project from initial analysis through to full-fledged launch and sustained developmental support.

You can count on:

  • Upfront identification of customer needs and potential hurdles
  • Thorough analysis and formulation of optimal solutions
  • Development and implementation of your turnkey solution
  • End to end support and training of your own in-house specialists

A partnership with Maxilect will enable you to:

  • Produce innovative IT solutions at a fraction of the cost of salaried staff
  • Customise and improve the quality of existing solutions
  • Reduce lead-time for the release of stable software versions
  • Test the efficiency of new business case hypothesis





Business Intelligence from Maxilect focuses on the development and configuration of specialised data mining and decision-making analysis systems.

We offer our customers reliable BI-solutions based on the Pentaho platform and Microsoft products (SQL Server, Power BI, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS).

Maxilect takes an interest in seeing your company succeed long after we implement your solution. You can count on us for long term partnership and support.

Maxilect specialists:

  • Conduct diligent research in locating sources of data for analysis
  • Discover patterns and prepare data for use in forecasting and solution making systems
  • Design and develop IT solutions
  • Install and configure the system, creating a convenient interface for efficient operation
  • Provide in-house training for your team
  • Remain available after implementation for prompt technical support

Using Business Intelligence systems from Maxilect will enable you to:

  • Utilise your enterprise data for optimisation
  • Conduct in depth analysis of data extending to all areas of workflow
  • Increase business efficiency and reduce costs; achieving targets faster
  • Use solution-making systems for more efficient business management


PJSC "Cryogenmash"

Maxilect specialists are proven experts in developing Data Science & Machine Learning solutions. Our extensive experience across numerous industries has led to highly optimised approaches to enriching your analytical toolkit.

Our clientele are from such fields as medicine and pharmaceuticals, psychology and sociology, sales and advertising, major industrial sectors (oil and gas, aviation, robotics, semiconductors), as well as in traffic analysis of websites and social media.

You can count on:

  • Statistical and structural analysis of your data
  • Correlation and regression mining
  • Classification and clustering
  • Forecasting time series
  • Automation of analytical processes
  • Reconstruction of dynamics and creation of automatic control systems
  • Options for recognition and processing of text based information 

Cooperation with Maxilect will enable you to:

  • Apply the most modern methods of analysis to your data
  • Obtain well-founded conclusions from your data
  • Understand workflow processes within your business with greater depth
  • Forecast values ​​of key business parameters or significant events
  • Build common forecasting models, plan business development for any time scale (long-term, medium-term, short-term)
  • Identify high return groups of clients or potential customers for further targeting
  • Evaluate the outlook for the outflow of clients and find out which customers are at the risk
  • Have the opportunity to visualize key business parameters
  • Regularly receive pre-calculated analytical reports


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