Project: System redesign, feature enrichment and UI/UX improvements for Thinketing, Inc. This is an interactive marketing company from US, that focuses on the music industry. It offers sales services and solution-driven strategies. The company provides integrated digital marketing campaigns that deliver substantial and measurable results.


Problem: Client wanted to solve various problems:

  • Replace existing URL shortener
  • Migrate historical data
  • Redesign and redevelop authorization/authentication service + support single sign-on
  • Redesign and redevelop DMP module and enrich it with new features
  • Redesign and replace DSP module
  • Improve UI/UX
  • GDPR compliance


Solution: At the onset, proper and effective communication with client’s head of product and lead engineer and as well as additional stakeholders were established. So the business objectives, product vision, product scope and effort estimates were clearly defined by the client and subsequently galvanized and confirmed by our engineering team. The whole project was divided into several phases. The dev. team designed and developed the solid back-end and re-designed, simplified and standardized existing UI/UX.

Scope of work: ~7 man-months.



  • End of January 2018 – initial request from customer
  • February-March 2018 – requirements elicitation, analysis and verification. Estimated dev. efforts for all 3 projects.
  • Mid-April 2018 – started development
  • August 17, 2018 – deadline



  • “Fixed price” model was used on the project. We fixed and agreed on the requirements set, timeline and cost
  • Project demos were held on a bi-weekly basis. This allowed us to get feedback instantly and to adjust the deliverables
  • Weekly project status report helped our client to be aware of the completed tasks and plans for the next week
  • Quick re-occurring sync up calls with business analyst made the client feel more confident and helped our engineering team to clarify requirements without any interruption in development



  • Improved URL Shortener was implemented
  • Authorization/authentication service was developed
  • Solution was implemented in compliance with GDPR
  • Satisfied end users and stakeholders


Programming stack:

  • Angular 5, TypeScript, HTML5, Sass, Node.js, npm, Angular CLI
  • OpenJDK 1.8, Kotlin, Spring boot/data/web
  • PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB
  • Nginx, Tomcat
  • Jenkins, Docker
  • AWS (ES2, S3, SES, Route 53)

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