Nordic MVP Challenge

2019 JULY 15th
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We are happy to announce that Maxilect LLC and Founder Institute Norway are joining forces to create a competition for tech startups. We can provide technical support to make your startup idea a reality. We will share our knowledge and passion with one lucky team that will win a free MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development. Pitch your way to MVP with the economic value up to 90 000 Euros.

Maxilect was founded in 2015. By now we have completed over 30 projects. We have more than 10 clients and experience in working with startups. Our team has strong expertise in Machine Learning, Data Science, AdTech, MarTech, and FinTech. We don't just build software. Our clients have confidence because of our loyalty to them. You can learn more about our success stories with startups here.

Founder Institute was founded in 2009 and has since grown to become the world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator. It has launched over 3,500 companies across 180+ cities and six continents. The Oslo chapter opened in 2018 and had two cohorts of startups so far.

All you need to participate in the competition is to send us your application.

Competition starts on July 15th.

Deadline for your applications: August 30th.

Hurry up to build your dream MVP for free! Entries are limited to first 100 applications, from which we will choose 10 applications for a final Pitch in Oslo. Stay tuned with our Telegram or Facebook news channels.

2−3 months duration
1 winner
MVP for free
3-5 engineers team
100 applications limit
10 applications for a final pitch
only software projects

Event key dates

JULY 15th

Challenge starts


Final application deadline


Shortlist of 10 exciting startups will be announced and invited to attend Oslo Innovation Week 2019


Final Pitch to a jury. Winner selection and announcement

How it works

If you have an idea of the software product, you are welcome.

What is important for us in your Pitch Decks and will be used as transparent Judging Criteria:

How to apply

All you need is to send us your application in PDF (up to 40MB) on our email

We would appreciate if you send us your Pitch Decks in the following format 


* Who are you and why are you here? (keep it short and sweet).


* Introduce the people behind the idea and briefly describe their roles.


* What problem are you trying to solve?


* Describe how are you planning to solve the problem.


* What makes your solution special?

* What makes you Unique?

* What are the alternative solutions to the problem you are trying to solve?


* How does your product or service actually work? Show some examples.

Traction (optional)

* Traction means having a measurable set of customers that serves to prove a competitive advantage and solution potential.

* Evidence that a business model is efficient — can it scale?

* Make sure we know where data is coming from. For instance: CAC (customer acquisition cost).

* Show MRR (monthly recurring revenue), customer happiness metrics (like a Yelp review) and MoM (month over month) growth.

* What’s ROI (return on influence) for customer.


* Know, or at least attempt to predict, the size of your target market.

Competition (optional)

* What are the alternative solutions to the problem you are trying to solve?

Business model

* How are you planning to make money?

* Show a schedule when you expect revenues and return on investment.

* Are you looking to raise investment?

Investing (optional)

* What is your planned budget?

* What kind of money are you looking for?


* Leave your contact details to reach you quickly.

Who is eligible

Individuals and teams based in Europe are eligible. Only software ideas are allowed.


Still have questions? Please contact us

Stay tuned with our Telegram or Facebook news channels.