Founded in 2015, Maxilect employs a modern approach to building a lean and highly professional team reaching out across Russia.

Our mission is to connect talented IT professionals throughout Russia, bringing their sought after skills to the table for complex projects with our global high-tech clientele.

To date, successful delivery of more than 30 international projects has earned the trust of several major companies in ongoing partnership.

We achieve these results due to close cooperation among all departments of the company – from marketing and sales through to technical support service, our client always comes first.

Our Values

Transparency and trust

It’s a no brainer. Ask us anything.

Seek quality above all else

Every team member is responsible for our clients’ satisfaction every step of the way.

Learn, adapt, apply

Fast moving industry needs dedicated professionals and ours are always preparing for the next challenge.


Time is priceless. We won’t waste yours.

Your solution is here.


We are a company: strength

Our highly qualified professionals know and love their work.

Our talent pool pairs select projects with the right specialists to deliver quality, on time, every time.


We are people: passion

Inspiration for that piece of code doesn’t come at 4pm on a Friday. It’s 1am and you’re just falling asleep…

Remote working facilitates life and improves effectiveness when committed to tough deadlines with challenging problems.

The reward for team members is the freedom to choose in their work-life balance.


We are a network: connection

Russia’s depth of IT talent is matched only by its massive size.

Maxilect is at the centre, bringing IT professionals together to achieve a future where it may be 6pm in Moscow

but our Vladivostok team are starting work on tomorrow.

Tell us how we can help

A member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours.